Stupid Computer

2014-09-08 23:15:36 by Immogin

Argh! If I could just get photoshop to work on Linux, I would be a happy person. God damn it! Guess I'm switching back to Windows :\ Sad, I really liked Linux... anyway, more NSFW art on the way! I'm pretty happy about that. Hopefully you will be too :p

Moving is complete!

2014-03-16 00:43:02 by Immogin

Wow, okay moving is a tought thing to do. However, it is finally done and I am doing well. I have a job, and signed up for school. I think life is going okay! I finally got my computer set up, so now I can complete and finish a lot of works in progress. Starting culinary school in April, so we'll see how that goes... if I don't die from too much deliciousness. Now, if I could only find time to eat and sleep in between... 


2014-02-21 16:42:20 by Immogin

Creation is desire in the artists' heart. Passion is the food nursing the hungry soul. Determination is the drive striving towards that goal.

~Commission Info~

2013-12-09 01:58:13 by Immogin

~Commission Info~

Portrait :

•Polished outline - $10 USD

•Colored polished outline - $15 USD

•Colored polished outline with shading - $20 USD


Torso shot:

•Polished outline - $20 USD

•Colored polished outline - $25 USD

•Colored polished outline with shading - $30 USD


Full body :

•1 person outline - $35 USD

•1 person colored - $40 USD

•1 person colored with shading - $40 USD

•(+$10 USD per person without color +$15 USD with color additional +$5 USD for shading.)


Backgrounds :

• Depends on the complexity. 



•Anything other than the above listed PM me about what you'd like.

•If you have any questions or concerns about my pricing, I can work with you.

•I do art trades with anyone interested. I love them, and I find them fun. Don't be shy, either PM, email, or just post here!


2013-12-08 23:53:29 by Immogin

So, I was convinced to make an account on here because Hentai-Foundry kept rejecting a lot of my art. I'm hoping this place isn't goign to be like Deviantart :I I I hope I enjoy my time here.